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Our Featured Projects

Our Featured Projects

Landscape Before/After's in Baldwin County, AL



We are a Premier Landscaping company that provides excellent high-quality outdoor solutions. We offer extremely competitive rates with free quotes for Mowing, edging, blowing, bagging, debris removal, pressure washing, and much much more.



S.O.S Landscaping unashamedly stands in the Christian faith and their faith in Jesus Christ. S.O.S. Landscaping is also known for its eco-friendly, quality landscaping that our clients in Baldwin County, Alabama appreciate and trust. From small, neighborhood gardens to sprawling lawns and commercial spaces, we approach every project with care and meticulous detail. We believe in building lasting relationships with our clients, getting to know them and their personal style so that we can best bring their vision to life.

James Underwood

Great professional service. SOS Landscaping makes that extra effort that not many other companies would bother doing. You are not just another 'number' to service and check the box for minimum effort. Great company to work with.

Thanks for servicing my Lawn, completing a new Sapling Tree installation, and pressure washing my house to just name a few. Thanks Garrett.

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Baldwin County, Alabama

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